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Virtual Hosts Review:

Virtual host APK is the fit in creation for all the people who are online game lovers. All the restricted and desired content and locations are accessible using the application from your device. It is far better than VPN files; the script can be imported and exported. Always connect to the unique IPS when they reconnect.

No permission is required for rooting on the device to act out its action. All the advertisements are blocked, disabled, and bypassed, rarely found in the game. The hacking trends are rising; popular games are cracked to level up the game using script and host files. You get the desired level in the game by injecting host files into the virtual host.

The host’s files also save your account from getting banned. Anti-ban protection in the games allows millions of users to enjoy all the quality features. To protect and secure your privacy, online virtual host Apk is the perfect application. Many host files exist for different purposes like ad blocking, PUBG, and many more. Good configuration scripts and host files can help you with internal safety.

Download Virtual Hosts For Android & IOS:

We provide you with the latest and modified version of the application’s APK file. Click on the link on our website, and we will bring you the regularly updated version. Please keep visiting our site to get upcoming updates on the app.

No rooting: There is no root privilege to use virtual hosts. The files can altered.

Customize the resolution of the domain name: The host can be altered, and the domain name’s resolution can be changed. You can edit the host file and the domain name resolution also.

DNS wildcard support: DNS wildcard can be used to customize the look up without the quotes in your host file.

Pinpoints of Virtua Hosts APK:

  • Restricted content can be reached.
  • Surf the internet without showing your identity.
  • Use all the apps, games, and internet with a secret location.
  • Use host files and scripts to hack popular games and have more liberty while playing.
  • New IP address with every login.
  • Many hosts file without rooting the Android system.
  • Wildcard DNS is supported.
  • Ipv6 network supported.
  • All the advertisements are blocked.
  • Hundred per cent free to download and use.
  • It can be used in low profile devices.
  • Many more features to explore. Keep visiting our site, and we will bring it to you.

How to Download Virtual Hosts for Android 2023?

  1. Click on the link above and download the APK file.
  2. Go to the setting and allow the unknown sources.
  3. Tap on the apk and wait to install.
  4. The host file is needed next; download it from the internet and make it your own.
  5. Next, open the app and allow the necessary permissions.
  6. Tap on the select host file and select the file.
  7. At the end, on the big switch, click on OK.

How to use virtual Hosts Latest Version in Android?

Download the virtual hosts APK from our website to surf the internet without the frustrating and annoying ads. You are supported in both rooted and non-rooted devices. Open the app and add the host file according to your choice. Customized files can be created and added to your app. The file can be added by clicking on the upper side button side of your screen. VPN permission can be asked.

What are the Latest Features of Virtua Hosts App?


You can customize DNs, and even your own host file can be made.

Zero ads:

Most of the ads are online while surfing the internet. Virtual hosts help you block all the ads and increase the internet’s easiness. You enjoy using and being online.

No rooting:

Virtual hosts APK is supported in both rooted and non-rooted devices. No permission is asked or required.

Free download:

Like many other apps, it has no subscription, payments, or purchases. Completely free and easy to install and download. Click on the link below, download it now, and try it. If the link is broken and invalid, inform us in the comment section to bring you the new link.


Virtual hosts APK protect your identity and privacy online. It has a fantastic user interface. Very easy to use and operate. You will enjoy the interface while using the application.

Multiple IP addresses:

One of the application’s most unique and outstanding features is accessing many internet protocol (IP) addresses from anywhere simultaneously.


It’s a third party app, but the safety and security are guaranteed. Go for it with a peace of mind and use it.


To block ads, custom host files, or DNS, the fit-in design is a virtual host apk. We suggest and recommend this app for your android device. My experience with virtual host apk is PUBG to hack it and use. You can use it in many other apps of your choice. The smooth tools of the application can help you to get the features and benefits.

We had a memorable experience with the app and want to hear you one; go to the comment section and tell us. Your identity and privacy are anonymous and unknown. Multiple IP addresses can be used. The application is not on the Google Play Store, and I keep returning to this site to get all the given links and download the latest version. Create the host files of your choice and block all the ads well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can we use multiple IP addresses?

Multiple IPs can be used

Can we use our fake identity?

Your presence is anonymous

Can we change our location?

Yes, you can change your location and keep it secret

Is it free?

Utterly free of money

Can we download it from google play store?

It is a third party application that cannot be found on google play store

Is it a gaming app?

No, it is not a gaming app