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WegoCup App APK Download Latest Version v18.5.2 is designed for smartphones, offering users the ability to customize their notification settings according to their preferences. This app ensures personalized notifications to help users maintain focus and concentration on their most important tasks

Nothing can be achieved with mental and physical health. Always take care of yourself do not let the hectic social media ruin your personal life. You are more important than any other person in your life. All the notifications are customizable you can have more comfort in your daily life. Control all the notifications and keep yourself focused and concentrated. Done every job on time.

Personalized notifications help you remain at your work with intent and do it like a professional we have too much of a social media platform. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Twitter no X, and many more. All these apps keep our attention divided and not in the same place. Use this amazing application to personalize all the notifications you will get.

WegoCup App APK Features:

Customized Notification:

You are in total control of all your notifications. You can create, snooze, read, or dismiss any notification you feel fit.

Music Integration:

Dynamics colors are based on the music and album you are playing, allowing you to skip or start any musical song without seeing the details.

Fast Reply:

You can reply to any message as it arrives fast and quickly. Manage all your notifications at the game bar and reply to any of them.

Automatic Graphic:

Groups and alerts from groups are grouped so that you manage them easily.

Background Customization:

You can put any image in the background. Display it in the notification shade.

Pros and Cons Notification WegoCup App:


  • Fully customizable interface for notifications and quick settings.
  • Quick replies and auto grouping like unique features.


  • You can have some features only in the pro version.
  • Utility access is required and also have privacy concerns.

How to Download Notification WegoCup App APK?

  1. Get rid of all the hectic and boring notifications.
  2. Personalize your notification.
  3. Customize the notification appearance by changing color and setting.
  4. Enable or disable notification grouping.
  5. Get the app from our website.
  6. Tap the given link at the top and get the app right away.

How to install the Notification WegoCup App?

  1. Authorized unknown sources in your device setting.
  2. Allow download from unknown sources.
  3. Tap the relevant APK file.
  4. Save the APK files in your memory system.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete.
  6. Install and uninstall without again downloading.

FAQs: (Frequently Asked Questions)?

Can we use WegoCup App on iOS?

Sorry, this app is currently available for Android only. Not supported in Ios.

How can we customize the notification appearance?

By changing colors, images, and settings you can change the appearance of the notification.

How can the notifications be grouped?

Go to the option of settings and disable the grouping.

Can we download it from Google Play?

No, it cannot be downloaded from Google Play because it does not follow the rules and regulations of Google.

Are we safe on the app?

Get the app from a trusted or reliable source like apksigning.com for your safety and security.


We’re delighted to provide you with comprehensive information about our notification control app. With WegoCup App APK, you gain full control over every notification on your phone, allowing you to prioritize your focus on important tasks. You can easily snooze, read, and manage all notifications, thanks to features like notification grouping.

By using our app, you can reclaim your attention from social media platforms and concentrate on matters that truly matter. We encourage you to prioritize your mental and physical health by enjoying peace of mind. You can download the app from apksigning.com and start using it immediately